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Everything started from an Auschwitz picture, a picture of a mountain of dead bodies, a picture that resembled a tall mountain rather than a pile of bodies, it seems like it had been drawn by an impressionism painter. Cadavers were like stains making mountains with different tones. This photo turned our attention to swarm and our situation in the most overpopulated era of the history of mankind. From … Coca Cola and Toyota to news, everything is so crowded that it frightens us.
To perceive what the media was providing we tried to recreate the process that we saw in the media in regard to an event such as protests in Egypt, Bahrain or any other event in our world. We started to thinking that what happen if using a horrible crowd of videos or pictures like what we saw on media.

As a result, these works became an effort for me to remind of this fact that we cannot simply equalize the data inflation and the increase of our perception of the world around us. The borders of reality and imagination are not easily separable and imagination can be created but by the swarm of reality. Like a ride in an amusement park that spins with a high speed, when you get on one of these rides the amount of information that is received by your eyes get increasingly large, but the mind is incapable of processing such huge amount of data, all you see s a vague and dull image.
With eyes wide open, we throw ourselves into an ocean of images, words and sounds. Everything is quick and we only look. In the vast source of information about an incident, plenty of news and media, all we can do is to watch and listen .there is no opportunity to understand and realize.

“Everything looks surreal, flows away and nothing is left behind, instead of an ambiguous and vague idea.”

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