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Sina Choopani’s works have been previously featured in a solo show at Dastan’s Basement, but this is Soroush Gharehbaghi’s first presentation at Dastan. These works vary between print, photography and installation, while Soroush Gharehbaghi has a career in software development, music production and sound engineering.

“Error 604: Interrupt on Overflow” is an experimental event, which seeks to create a ‘factory’ and a ‘production line’ inside the gallery space. During the event, Sina Choopani will go through the process of manual silk screen print-making based on a number of photographs, using the silk screen equipment installed at the Basement, along with applying paint to some prints after their production.

Soroush Gharehbaghi will use a series of his recent audio samples and musical ideas to for music production based on the silk screen and painting process. The artists, wearing work clothes, safety masks and gear, aim to hint at the ‘anonymity of the worker’.

The artists describe the event as follows: “Error 604 is the instrument of making space. Its specific idiosyncrasy, its tonal and electronic/instrumental qualities, constitute the object of attention in this performance. In music, a cycle is a multi-part composition with a shared context of meaning. The parts normally represent variations on a theme. Error 604’s specific quality is primarily the result of its unusual spatial proportions. It is premiering a new era of audio visualization”
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