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One could search for both of the meanings of [the Persian word] “سرکشی” (rebellion/dissent, inspection) with the opportunity that can map out the way to make sense of the reason dissent happens in everyday life and how different bodies can perceive it in political events and what happens after dissent becomes the essential part of reproduction of its means. The hypothesis for a better understanding of dissent, can wipe out any action that could be seen as revolt in the rational mind of state, compared to other calendars of time in the world. However, establishing satisfied communities with consensus for a scattered state of action cannot normally secure the upward inspection from the ruling state, which cannot avoid fractures of metaphysics pertaining violence as a result. Finding an explanation for a phenomenon that essentially appears not normal—like an earthquake leads to defining nature of things that is experienced by certain group of society and their behavior. Alongside this identified phenomena, there is also the practice of objects that are built but somehow didn’t follow their limits and still are being the memento of an action that remains as debris of a memory. Now, do objects last longer than people?

Nima Behravan (b. 1988, Tonekabon, Iran) has spent a considerable part of his life in sleep. He has completed his MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design in New York and participated in in many exhibitions and shows; yet he has not been able to market his artworks and establish himself as an artist. At present, his main interest is the visual communication of the concept of design, and his job is to optimize human and non-human processes. Nima focuses on simplifying the interaction between subject and object by designing, producing, and developing physical or digital products.

Soroush Gharehbaghi (b. 1989 Tehran, Iran) has received his MSc from the University of Tehran in Computer Software Engineering. He is a Tehran-based developer who has dedicated himself to exploring new modes of expression with regards to data visualization and game design. He has won several awards in various contests and Olympiads. His projects and artworks have been shown at many contemporary platforms in Tehran such as TADAEX (Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition) since 2011.

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