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Unlike the paradigm of modern thinking that is arborescent, vertical, and includes determined boundaries; Rhizome is the vegetative root that is the most prominent symbol of postmodernism. If in tree diagrams, the vertical impose of the verb: to be is always present, in the horizontal circulation of rhizome, this verb converts itself into become. In contrast to centered (even polycentric) systems with hierarchical modes of communication and pre-established paths, Rhizome is an acentered, nonhierarchical, non-signifying system without a general and without an organizing memory or central automaton, defined solely by a circulation of states. [ a thousand plateaus, deleuze and guattari ]

 It is a data processing software, which through some strategies like long repetitive circles and highlighting the nodes, applies horizontal characteristics of a “rhizomatic” system in order to give the audience the visual experience of the verb: to become. everyone can feed the collective expansion according to their desire (a collection of words which could be meaningful/nonsense/hybrid/pre-established) and after a while, there would be a chaotic, massive and monster-like sculpture in the room, which constitutes of multiple actions.

here are two different involving groups, and two represented graphs. The audience can take part in this interactive installation by either visiting the gallery or accessing the system via Internet. The Rate of Participation can be detected through the speed of Expansion. The submitted words would be visible in two generated graphs. One of them simulates the interaction of outsiders, and the other one simulates the insider’s interaction. These two digital sculptures will be projected holographically.

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